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Timothy T. Tregoning, DC, CCRD

10115 E. 80th St. South, 

Suite B, Tulsa OK 74133


   918 893 6400



As a dentist, I sit for long hours in a position that is not conducive for good posture.  Dr. Tregoning is committed to getting the results I need to continue my career with as little discomfort as possible.

Dr. Tregoning and his staff are one of the most helful and friendly group of people I have encountered in the medical field. 

They demonstrate a positive attitude to their work and towards their patients.  Dr. Tregoning is a very detailed professional.  He treats everyone as family rather than patients, which I find to be so refreshing from a physician.

I enjoy going to his office and I am always welcomed with smiles by his wonderful staff.

I highly recommend Dr. Tregoning and his staff for any and all Chiropractic needs.

 James G. Steyer. Jr., DDS


 About 4 years ago I came to Dr. Tim with a bulged disc in my lower back that was a result of years of running.

I was in constant pain and wondered if I would ever be completely pain-free.

Through a series of x-rays Dr. Tim determined my disk was bulged due to a difference in my leg length.  He devised a care plan that was very workable and whether Chiropractic would work for me.

I had already been to a surgeon who had strongly suggested my best option would be surgery.

Dr. Tim gave me great hope.  Through treatment and much agreement in prayer – our partnership for healing through Chiropractic was my answer.

Today, I am 100% pain-free.  Not only am I stronger than before, I recently dead-lifted 300lbs!  My back is not only healed, but my strength is that of a 20 year old! 

Thank you Dr. Tim! Your partnership in healing has restored my life and I am forever thankful!

 Johnie, Hampton Creative, Tulsa, OK


In 1995, due to a severe neck injury, I began receiving Chiropractic treatment which I lived in CA. 

In 2001, when I relocated to Tulsa, I met with a variety of Chiropractic doctors in search of one who could assist with my continued care that I had received from my previous doctor.

In 2003, I was referred to Dr. Tregoning by a friend and I have remained a patient ever since. 

Dr. Tregoning treats each patient based on the patient’s individual needs, and does not just give a routine adjustment. 

Through prayer, and with Dr. Tim’s regular adjustments and preventative care, my condition has stabilized and I feel great!

 Mark, Broken Arrow, OK


 In September of 2004, we were planning a long car trip back east.  I was having a lot my back pain and my daughter referred me to Dr. Tim and told me he was a great Christian Doctor.

After just a few treatments, we were able to take our car trip across 22 states and covering 5,500 miles!

We live 22 miles outside of Dr. Tim’s clinic, but feel it is worth the drive as I always feel so much better afterwards.

My husband was so impressed with the improvement of my condition, he also see’s Dr. Tim for maintenance and wellbeing.

We are in our 70’s and wouldn’t continue to drive down to see Dr. Tim if we didn’t love him and his great attitude, loving way and great knowledge.

 Love, Marilyn and Gary Foster, Bartlesville, OK

At the ripe old age of 30 I had already been told by my primary care physician and an orthopedic surgeon that the reason I had such severe should pain and could lift my arm was early onset of arthritis.  I was prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug and was told I would have to stay on it for the rest of my life and that I probably wouldn’t ever be able to workout or play golf again.

As I was coming to terms with my diagnosis, I was introduced to Dr. Tim through mutual friends.  I described my symptoms to him and to my surprise he encouraged me to be active and explained to me what he believed was my main problem.

With following the care plan that Dr. Tim recommended, I’m now able to enjoy playing golf again and working out.

I am feeling better than I have in years

It feels great to feel great!


Lynn,  Mize Ministries, Tulsa, OK

I started Chiropractic treatment with the uncertainty of whether it would actually benefit me and my symptoms.

After just a few visits with Dr. Tim, my neck and shoulders were 100% improved. I would say I feel better now than I have in years. 

I was recommended to Impact Chiropractic Clinic from a co-worker.  My uncertainty has lifted and I feel blessed to have found Dr. Tim.  He has healing hands, a wealth of knowledge and has a caring nature. His staff is also caring and wonderful too!

I feel as though I have made friends for life at Impact Clinic.

Thank you!

 Nancy, Tulsa, OK


I have had arthritis all of my life.  I haven’t had many days without pain.  About 20 years ago I was introduced Chiropractic care and Dr. Tregoning.

Since being treated under Dr. Tregoning’s care, I am able to keep mobile, work full-time lead a reasonably active lifestyle. 

I was recently diagnosed with kidney failure and he and his family has never ceased praying for my healing and has always spoke God’s Word over me.                                                          

I am no longer on dialysis and know that the Lord has healed me.

I feel part of the family and praise God for him, his family and staff and I’m thankful for his expertise.

His motto is, “Doctors Treat, God Heals” And, I completely agree!

Blessings to All

Bertha, Tulsa, OK


These are just some of the people that we have helped at Impact Clinic



Until becoming a patient at Impact Clinic, I had always been unsure of the benefits of Chiropractic.

My daughter has been going to Impact Clinic for the last few years. She has had great success in treating her back pain and is now on a maintenance program to prevent further spinal problems.

She has always been concerned about my long term back pain and insisted I saw Dr. Tim. I finally gave in and made an appointment. I can now say it was the best addvice I had ever taken.

After only a month of treatmet, I have no pain in my back at all an I sleep better at night.

The true test came when I went to the Indy Car Races in Ft. Worth, Texas. Usually when I come back from this annual trip I put my motor cycle way for a good few weeks because of the intense pain in my back. But, not this year, in fact, I felt so good I rode my motorcyle to Dr. Tim's clinic the very next day to let him and his staff know how much I appreciate them.

Thank you. You are all very caring and friendly.

Johnny, Broken Arrow - OK


I had heard Dr. Tim and Impact Clinic on the radio. Due to going to my family's Chiropractor I never thought that I would need to go anywhere else.

However, when Dr. Tim came to Kenya for the Oral Robert's Medical Missions trip I was able to put a face to a name.

Watching the care he performed to the people of Kenya was incredible. He also took time at the end of the day to adjust the whole medical team which showed his wonderful, caring nature.

Needless to say, that when we all returned from Kenya, I immediately switched from my current Chiropractor to Dr. Tim at Impact Clinic.

Thank you for your dedication and patience to all that are in need of Chiropractic Care.

Your love for people and God truly shines through you and your staff.

Jessica, Tulsa - OK


I started Chiropractic care at Impact Clinic due to a car accident I was involved in. As a result of my car accident I experienced neck and shoulder pain.

My primary care physician, Dr. Abshere referred me to Dr. Tim to treat my symptoms and heal my injuries.

My first experience at Impact Clinic was very positive and has continued throughout my care. I didn't know what to expect from Chiropractic treatment as I have never had any spinal problems before. From my initial visit, Dr. Tim and his staff instantly made me feel welcome and at ease.

They took care of all the personal injury paperwork to insure that there were no problems with the third party liability.

As an owner of Yard Varks Lawn Care I understand the importance of maintaining good health. Over the years we have had many customers whom have called upon our lawn care services due to many health and back issues.

I know who I'll be recommending to my customers - Impact Chiropractic Clinic, of course!

Aaron, Tulsa - OK

Broken Arrow Chiropractor Dr. Timothy Tregoning provides relief for Auto Injury, Whiplash, Sciatica, Disc Problems, Back Pain, and Neck Pain as well as Prenatal Care, Chiropractic for Children and Workman's comp to the following locations: Tulsa, Bixby, Sapulpa.